Round Oak Wall Hook | White

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Round Oak Wall Hook | White.

Gorgeous scandi inspired hooks for the modern home. These beauties are hand made in Australia using sustainable oak timber. Easy mounting options provided for a seamless look on your wall. Featuring a round front face which is 1.5cm thick, and square part at the back which is 2.5cm thick.

Choose from 2 options:
Removable (no screws required!) or Fixed (screws & wall plug).

New and innovative design allows these to be easily attached to your wall using 3M command wall mounting strips, or you can choose the traditional option with screws & plasterboard plugs.

Sizes available:
5 cm (approx 2 in)
7 cm (approx 2.75 in)
10 cm (approx 3.9 in)
12 cm (approx 4.72 in)
14 cm (approx 5.5 in)

Mix and match any sizes you need, by adding each to cart. These hooks can also be used as fancy door or cabinet knobs if you are handy with a drill :) Just let us know and we won't attach the screws. We don't provide screws or parts required for masonry walls. We do provide the mounting parts required for Removable Mounting or Plasterboard Wall Mounting. Each hook is are handmade. As wood is a natural material, there will be slight natural variances in each hook.

See last 2 photos for easy to use instructions. Our hooks are suitable for hanging items according to weights indicated below. Please do not exceed these as the strips or plugs may fail:

-- 3M Wall Mounting Strips --
5cm hook = max weight of 400g
7cm hook = max weight of 400g
10cm hook = max weight of 1.5kg
12cm hook = max weight of 2kg
14cm hook = max weight of 2kg

-- Plasterboard Wall Pugs --
All Hooks = max weight of 4.5kg.

* As load is placed further away from the wall, the weight bearing capacity reduces. For maximum hold, place load close to the wall.

* Free shipping to Australia. International shipping is NOT available for these items due to wood export restrictions, sorry!

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