Washi Tape in Black & White Stitching Design

  • $ 5.95 AUD

Washi tape is a pretty, decorative self-adhesive paper tape. It provides a great way to wrap gifts without ribbon, decorate scrapbooks / planners, use in crafting projects, and jazz up plain envelopes. It is a self-adhesive durable tape, very similar to masking tape. You can also use it to hang your art prints or posters, creating a perfect way to display your art without the need for frames or nails. The tape won't leave marks on your posters or walls when removed slowly, just like masking tape!

* Roll measures 1.5cm wide x 10 metres long (0.6 x 39.5 in)
* Self adhesive, durable paper tape
* 6 gorgeous designs available
* Free Shipping to Australia

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