DIY Wall Art Display Hacks: 7 Easy Tricks for Hanging Prints without Frames

Looking for a budget-friendly and stylish way to display your favourite prints and posters without the hassle of frames? You're in luck! In this post, we'll share seven easy DIY wall art display hacks that will help you create a beautiful and personalised gallery wall in no time. From black masking tape, to wooden wall pegs, thumbtacks, and even clothing hangers, these tips and tricks are perfect for renters, students, and anyone looking to update their home decor on a budget. So whether you're a fan of minimalist, bohemian, or rustic styles, read on for our top tips on how to hang prints and posters without frames 😊

 1. Poster Hangers 

Poster hangers are a great option for hanging prints, photos & posters without frames, as they usually don’t damage the print. We have a great range of hangers in our store here, or you can buy them easily online. If you’re feeling handy you can even make them yourself!  They come in a variety of sizes and finishes - from wood to plastic - and can be painted to match your decor. Easily attach them to the wall with options like 3M command strips, rope with a pin, small removable hooks, or even blu tack (we have used white blu tack in below photo with our PVC poster hangers as they are super light!). Poster hangers provide a clean, minimalist look that is perfect for modern or minimalist decor styles.

Image Credits: (left to right) Print and Proper PVC Slimline hangers, Oak Hangers (first and second photos), DIY Poster Hanger by Fresh Mommy Blog


 2. Spring Clips & Wall Pegs  

These are super cute and easy to change out your prints and posters when you’re ready to display something else. Just release the spring clip and voila! Check out our wooden spring clips here, or you can find wooden or plastic spring clips online. There are even magnetic ones you can stick to the fridge!  Wall pegs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from traditional pegs to decorative round or clear pegs. They works especially well for larger or heavier prints, as the pegs provide more support than tape or tacks. Use them when displaying things that might need to change frequently, like maps, calendars, postcards, invitations or mood board elements.

Image Credits: (left to right) Print and Proper Spring Clips (first & second photos), Clear & Black Spring Clips from Amazon


 3. Black or Coloured Masking Tape 

Looking to create a stunning gallery wall without breaking the bank? Try this super affordable, versatile alternative to traditional framing. Masking or washi paper tape is perfect for creating a sleek, modern gallery wall display quickly. It’s easy to remove and won't damage your walls, making it a great choice for renters or anyone who wants to change up their wall decor frequently. You can grab some rolls of this in our store here, or check out your local craft supply stores.

Creates the look of frames without the hefty price tag. Simply apply strips of tape along the edges of your print or poster to create a border, or create a grid pattern by crossing strips of tape at right angles.  Now you can hang your posters up effortlessly, and move them around freely.

Image Credits: (left to right) Print and Proper Gallery Wall Black Masking Tape (first & second photos), The Crafted Life by Rachel


 4. Bulldog Clips 

Bull dog clips are a simple and affordable way to hang small prints and photos without frames. Just attach to the top corners of your print or poster. Then hang the clips from a pin or small nail in your wall. Bull dog clips provide a clean, modern look that works well with a variety of decor styles. Plus they come in so many colours and shapes you can pick to suit your home decor. We just love the gold ones!

Image Credits: (left to right) Jenny W for Zazzle, Urban Outfitters, Dabney Frake for Apartment Therapy


 5. Thumb tacks or Pins 

If you're looking for a super cheap & quick way to hang your prints and posters, thumb tacks or pins might be the answer. Simply place your photos or prints on the wall & push the pins into each corner. The downside is this will create small holes in the picture. Its great for mood boards or polaroids, and other things that don’t matter too much if they have pin holes in them!  You can use plain metal tacks, or choose decorative pins to add a pop of colour or personality to your display. This method works well for lightweight prints or posters, but may not be sturdy enough for larger or heavier pieces. It doesn’t work on brick, concrete or masonry walls, but is perfect on wood, plasterboard, felt and cork! Keep in mind to minimise damage to the actual wall we suggest you use this method on a felt or memo board.

Image Credits: (left to right) WGU Design, Angele Kamp, DuetAtelier


 6. Pant / Skirt Clothes Hangers 

Believe it or not, clothing hangers can also be used to hang wall art! They need to be the bottom hanger variety though with clips at the bottom :) Simply clip the top corners of your print or poster onto the hanger, and then hang the hanger from a hook or nail on your wall. This method works well for larger or heavier prints, as the hanger provides sturdy support. Plus, if you have spare hangers lying around, this is a great way to repurpose them.

Image Credits: (left to right) IKEA Nacksta, A Beautiful Mess, Display 


 7. String with Pegs or Clips 

For a more bohemian or eclectic look, consider using string with pegs to hang your prints and photos. You can use twine, rope, or any other type of string you like, along with decorative pegs, clasps or clips. Simply attach the top of the picture to the clip and onto the string. You can hang the string from a hook or nail on your wall. This method works well for creating a display of pictures in a bunting or vertical hanging display. 

Image Credits: (left to right) Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash, WildPrettyWorkshop via Etsy, Caitypfohl 


 Final Thoughts 

We hope you found these ideas useful 🙌 As you can see, creating a beautiful wall art display doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming. With these seven easy DIY hacks, you can transform your blank walls into a personalised gallery that reflects your style and personality. From sleek and modern to rustic and bohemian, these tips and tricks offer something for every taste and budget.

Next time you're looking to update your home decor, consider trying one of these DIY wall art display hacks. Who knows, you might just discover a new favourite way to hang your prints and posters without frames! Don't forget to share your own DIY wall art display ideas and photos in the comments below, or let us know if you would like us to add something to this list 😊


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